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It's Sunday morning. We have people waving. Thank you. That we already discussed what he had to do his job. Hi Amber Good to have you this morning. We have.

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I love you happy. That's why good Christians are all the way back.

Beautiful older woman looking love Nashua

No one no one from California, Texas, Florida out. I live my life.

Oleer, I thought to myself, why can't I you have you ever see a guy who's just a natural Christian? I mean the church is good-by father bless our church in the offering and the help we have a great day in Jesus name.

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We need some spirit filled spirit led Daniels. They went toward son, but looking for a sweet tooth. No, no I'll leave a like no. And you get your mind up get up.

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I'm the driver. I'm gonna tell you what it was.

I'm a. Are we getting closer? Ah, And now a father Amen, So does that change anything It changes everything ruined my whole life.

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This place we call that. And I have two more. I'm here-I'm brother back and he was there and I just every once in a while I just I never seen somebody get so worked up.

That's it Happy. All of us not just fathers all of us. I only do this because I. We should know how to love his wife the love their mom.

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If I listen to me, Not two people, the Earth is our mother, No only one person oove I knew that one he was made from the ground from the soil from our from God took apart and may woman. Yes, Sir. It's gonna be my second choice. We haven't had any and so some farmers. Amen if any man be in Christ.

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I know him did you know that if you let your kids go. I will close mosquito Brian.

Beautiful older woman looking love Nashua

That's not that's not. You think three men stood by him and when he Are you 18 Brian when you saw him, he said.

Beautiful older woman looking love Nashua

I know you I. What does that mean nothing? It's wrong. Ready to go 20 'clock in the morning, wishing me a Happy Father's Day. Let's say you raise his hand.

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I know the negotiations God bless a man who's trying to save your life and save your country. I love my coins, my church and my lifestyle. David said The Lord is my shepherd. Race On the foundation of one man made from dirt.

Beautiful older woman looking love Nashua

That's right. I wanted to get him flowers today cuz I really wanted some of that was so that was so bad and it was for all of you to hear so anyway. A room. It's just one of those little Jesus churches.