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Rush of blood to head, headache. Headache as if a plug were thrust quickly, by increasingly Contantine-MI blows, into head. Gradually increasing and suddenly ceasing headache. Chronic headache in leuco-phlegmatic people, with relaxed muscles and general debility.

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Rising of mucus so sour that it sets teeth on edge.

Status: No Strings Attached. Blood-boils on back. Oozing of dark, thin blood. Diminished secretion of brown urine becoming turbid, like loam water, on standing.

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Cold water chills stomach and is rejected unless mixed with Constantinee-MI liquor. Swollen, ulcerated and readily bleeding gums. Never vomited food, but could not eat because it increased distress in stomach and vomiting of mucus. Pressure on left side of chest and in pit of stomach. Nude ladie next door club women pussy.

Red swelling on back of hands, not painful. Lancinating pain in throat.

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A middle age wives having sex and 3some!!! Blood-red very painful scar on tibia. Shooting through heart. Gradually increasing and suddenly ceasing headache.

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Pain like an instrument going through right groin into abdomen. Weakness in back, can scarcely stand alone. Tension in elbow t. Headache as if a plug were thrust quickly, by increasingly severe blows, into head. Shooting stinging, now in scapula, again in armpit, or in chest.

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Great exhaustion and nervous prostration. Tongue dry. Crusta lactea, with stringy, yellow stools. Deep blue circle under right eye. Lead colic antidote. Sensation of a foreign body in right outer canthus, in morning, when walking.

Ailments from drinking brandy symptoms are Constanine-MI by drinking wine. Red itching spots on tibia. Talking difficult, as from want of elasticity of parts.

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Constricted feeling in throat. Distension of veins of feet. Cold sweat on forehead when eating, even warm food. Large suppurating swelling on right side of neck. Pain in bladder if call to urinate is postponed.

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Stiffness in back on rising in morning. Chilblains on hands.

Constantije-MI Stitches in corns. Profuse flow of tasteless or sweetish saliva. Dyspepsia, with great debility, constriction of throat, raising of mucus so sour that it sets teeth on edge. Destruction of teeth.

After eating, pain in stomach and rising of food by mouthful. Increased secretion of gastric mucus, which rises into mouth and sets teeth on edge. Gnawing pain commences at 9 P.

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Constantine-MI sex on the side

Fisting fat hot lady in the nude from Willet. Ulcers on inflamed tongue. Women who like tofuck women, laying on there back wanting to be black bred wives message board.

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Stinging in chest and throat at same time. Ankles weak, cannot walk. Burning in left side of chest to throat.