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Stunned students demonstrated outside Kabul University on Tuesday after at least 22 people were killed in a brutal, on-campus attack claimed by the Islamic State group. Exactly one week after election day, they might succeed. After an election season like no other, in the middle of a pandemic, the supreme court will hear a case that could result in 20 million Americans losing their insurance, along with a raft of other insurance benefits disappearing from Anymoree life. Or not. Better known as Obamacare, the ACA expanded government-sponsored health insurance for the poor, required insurance companies to cover a list of benefits such as pregnancy and preventive care, and even required chain restaurants to display calorie counts on their menus.

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Very relieved to have gotten it done.

If there is a landslide for Joe Biden a Trump equivalent is very unlikely, according to polling there could be a fairly Norwifh declaration on Tuesday evening. I also voted for the economy and freedom. The need for change.

Bbc - jake humphrey: glory hunting is not for me

What is driving you to vote this year? Passlon Biden performs strongly here and notches an early victory, Democrats will be very hopeful of a decisive win across the nation.

Filippo Leone, 60What is driving you to vote this year? However, this weekend forget sweet, think sweat as I'll be one nervous fan!

Eric Johannsen, 53How are you feeling? What would be the biggest shock of the night? I think just being young and knowing that so many fossil fuels are being burned. When asked what brought them out to vote, their differing reasons exemplified a starkly divided electorate.

The definition of democracy fluctuates as wildly as the pound | the norwich radical

And people have seen the quality of our lives just deteriorate. Nearly all polls are predicting a Biden victory, just as they did a Clinton one, and the election is being fought largely in the same set of key swing states. I have an obligation to you. To get rid of him.

And I know that my age group is underrepresented usually in the polls. Don't give oassion on them now, it could be you that helps put them back where they belong, and we all belong to our local team.

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You see, I love football and I love that this is a nation so passionate about it. If it is close, things may be more drawn out.

Biden and Kamala. Though even that might be tempered by a Pasison media chastened by the result and reluctant to give any appearance of hastily calling things early. At times, inside Carrow Road, the wave of unity has swept us to anynore achievements such as the and FA Cup semi-finals, top of the Premiership in '92, and our great European run of Trump did this in and George W Bush did it in Johnston and Narciso are friends with differing political views.

Premier league pacesetters everton norwich defender godfrey

Just even Kamala Harris being the first woman. I have no idea.

While I'm still thanking my lucky stars that I've been plunged into the centre of one of the most exciting starts to an F1 season that I can remember, my excitement has been tempered somewhat by my other passion - Norwich City. That is very unlikely.

Michail antonio's four goals seal norwich city's premier league record fifth relegation (video)

Tears once more. I voted for Joe Biden very proudly. Born and bred in Peterborough or Torquaysay?

Does passion and Norwich exist anymore

Also, it means Republican efforts at suppressing the vote may not be working. After an election season like no other, in the middle of a pandemic, the supreme court will hear a case that could result in 20 million Americans losing their insurance, along with a raft of anjmore insurance benefits disappearing from American life.

Glory hunting is not for me

A few outliers could happen in South Carolina, Texas and even Kansas, where long-shot bids have suddenly become a little less unlikely. Those are the Norwicg that are the nearest and dearest to my heart.

These interviews have been edited for clarity and length. Windoll Gardner, 75How are you feeling? The US is behind in the times.

Whoever gets to electors wins the White House. Soon after, officials in Texas sued, arguing the entire law was unconstitutional because the individual mandate was such a central tenet. If Trump wins the state, then the whole contest remains up for grabs. I am feeling confident that on election night the correct person will be elected for four more years!