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Since the material is rather rich in content I will concentrate my presentation on the younger generation of women, where the process of adaptation to the new country is most striking. I am convinced that description of such a group is rather unique due to its "invisibility" in the receiving country.

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The more gender equality, the fewer women in stem - the atlantic

Cambridge University Press. In the Czech Republic they give orders and frown at the patients.

London: Routledge. To say it simply - the young Czech women often experience a radically different treatment of the same life situation by the health or educational system demark they expected.

Where are all the female architects?

This means that after the 30 years she lived in Denmark, she identifies herself with the Danish perspective. Denmark provides eighteen weeks of maternity pay usually at about two-thirds pay as well as separate parental leave options that couples may provide to the mother if they wish.

Dominant girls in denmark

I do not know if it is good or not. At the same time they present a very typical response of young women to the transitional period in their sending country.

Dominant girls in denmark

Turner, Victor : Dramas, Fields and Metaphors. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Where are all the female architects?

The last practice often shocked my informants, since in the eyes of a Czech woman a midwife is something she heard about from her grandmother if at all and even in her worst dreams she would never be assisted by one. As a result of such experiences the topics of gjrls and education dominated the discussion within the Babinec network during my fieldwork.

Dominant girls in denmark

Symbolic Action in Human Society. Many others started in waves leaving Czechoslovakia and asking for asylum.

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Some Czechs came to Denmark where they were received with sympathy. The basic philosophy behind the way the Czech and Danish educational and health systems treat its subjects i. According to Brian Arly Jacobsen, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen and an expert on the sociology of religion, Danish Christians generally see religion as a matter of national identity rather than religious identity. And I do not like when some Czech girls who lived here maybe for 5 years say these things.

In Denmark he cut the umbilical cord and pulled the baby out, … so here he had a conflict with the doctor.

Dominant girls in denmark

I understand my project in terms of Auto-anthropology defined as "anthropology carried out in the social context which produced it" Strathern quoted in Rapport and Overing The potentially problematic lack of distance from my informants was outweighed by the very possibility of access to the field, particularly in the case of the Babinec network.

Such dominant narrative themes Rapport quoted in Mortensen were continuously reappearing at the Babinec meetings and consequently also dominated the individual life-histories in the interviews, where my examples come from. I always show what I mean about it. Dominnat

Dominant girls in denmark

Or what is more expensive or cheaper there. So I started being intolerant. She meets Danes at work or at school. In Dominqnt Czech Republic they have organised nap after lunch and the girls bring a paper home where it is written that they should have a comb and hair clasps, so they can be combed after the nap.

Murmur » identity denmark: the debate tearing the left apart

Here are some examples of the dominant narratives that I have recorded during my interviews. I think that I will also be sceptical after some years here as some already are … that people steal and swindle in the Czech Republic … I do not think about it yet, because I giirls not have a reason to do so. In the Czech Republic there is a certain hierarchy and the people position themselves within it. In this uncertain situation some asked for permission to stay and work where they were, while others returned to their families.

Denmark crime & safety report

While on this stage it is still possible to identify two strategies, i. The individual passage can be more complicated since regardless of reality anything "western" is both in Denmark and Czech Republic generally accepted as "better. And there they kept telling me that I have to wait for nature, until I had terrible pain, I had it for three days and still they said: "wait, wait.

They do not learn multiplication first in the sixth class.

The dominant narratives of the Babinec network Moving to another country implies moving denmrk another state system, which mechanisms dealing with various situations of Dominanh individual's life might be completely different from the state one came from. Western Europe was in economical growth and needed more workers. The pre-existingin which they understand the socio-cultural reality, were built on base of their socialising in the Czech Republic. Non-Danes might therefore experience positive by being explicit about the way you are and how you work when you interact with Danes.