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Shirin Aumeeruddy-Cziffra and 19 other Mauritian women v. Mauritius, Communication No. The authors claim to be victims of the alleged violations. They submit that all domestic remedies have been exhausted. The authors contend that, under the new laws, alien husbands of Mauritian women lost their residence status in Mauritius and must now apply for a "residence permit" which may be refused or removed at any time by the Minister of Interior. The new laws, however, do not affect the status of alien women married to Mauritian husbands who retain their legal right to residence in the country.

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It is the enjoyment of the rights which must be secured without discrimination. The new laws, however, do not affect the status of alien women married to Mauritian Mauritiks who retain their legal right to residence in the country.

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When you enter the room there is a massage table, then you enter another room with another table. The hypothetical side-effects just suggested do not warrant any ffor of a separate violation of article 25 at the present stage, where no particular element requiring additional consideration under that article seems to be present. They submit that all domestic remedies have been exhausted. She states that when returning to Mauritius, after a one-week stay abroad, her husband was allowed to enter the country on 24 October without question and that he has been staying there since without a residence or work permit.

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After the massage I took a shower and left. She alleges that during her husband was twice granted a one-month visa and that an application for a temporary work permit was refused.

Moreover, as described above para. For reasons which Mauritiux appear below, there is no doubt that they are actually affected by these laws, even in the absence of any individual measure of implementation for instance, by way of a denial of residence, or an order of deportation, concerning one of the husbands.

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She then came Mauritiks with FS for Rs 1, I ftee. Though it might be justified for Mauritius to restrict the access of aliens to their territory and to expel them therefrom for security reasons, the Committee is of the view that the legislation which only subjects foreign spouses of Mauritian women to those restrictions, but not foreign spouses of Mauritian men, is discriminatory with respect to Mauritian women and cannot be justified by security requirements. The State party argues, however, that each case must be decided on its own merits.

The author, an elected member of the legislative assembly, points out that this situation is a cause of frustration for herself and she alleges that the insecurity has been deliberately created by the Government to force her to abandon politics in view of the forthcoming elections in December Where the Covenant requires a substantial protection as in article 23, it follows from those provisions that such protection must be equal, that is to say not discriminatory, for example on the basis of sex.

No conversation or words exchanged while she was massaging my back. On 24 Aprilthe Human Rights Committee, a Concluding that the communication, as presented by the authors, should be declared admissible; b Considering, fod, that it might review this decision in the light of all the information which would be before it when it considered the communication on the merits; Therefore decided: a That the communication was admissible; b That in accordance with article 4 2 of the Optional Protocol, the State party be requested to submit to the Committee, within zex months of the date of the transmittal to it of this decision, written explanations or statements on the substance of the matter under consideration; c That the State party be requested, in this connexion, to transmit copies of any relevant legislation and any relevant judicial decisions.

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The coming into force of the Immigration Amendment Act,and of the Deportation Amendment Act,limited these rights to the wives of Mauritius citizens only. The relevant aspects of such interference with a family situation have already been considered, however, in connexion with article 17 and related provisions above. They are therefore protected against what that article calls "arbitrary or unlawful interference" in this area. The Committee is of the opinion that the legal protection or measures a society or a State can afford to the family may vary from country to country and depend on different social, economic, political and cultural conditions and traditions.

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The State party further elaborates on the deportation laws, including a historical synopsis of these laws. As regards Mrs. The receptionist will take your temperature and give you some sanitizer. The Committee is not called upon in this case fo examine any restrictions on a citizen's right under article Furthermore there is no evidence that any of them is actually facing a personal risk of being thus affected in the enjoyment of this or any other rights set forth in the Covenant by the laws complained against.

She stresses that she does not want to leave Mauritius, but that she intends, after the expiry of her present mandate, to be again a candidate for her party.

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Whether the restriction in itself would be in breach of that right regarded in isolation, sx not decisive in this respect. She really know her job. Their claim to be "victims" within the meaning of the Optional Protocol has to be examined. In particular it cannot be said that their right to marry under article 23 2 or the ofr to equality of spouses under article 23 4 are affected by such laws.

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No sufficient justification for this difference has been given. The authors emphasize that they are not so much concerned with the unequal status of the spouses of Mauritian citizens - to which the State party seems to refer - but they allege that Mauritian women who marry foreigners are themselves discriminated against on the basis of sex, and they add that the application of the laws in question may amount to discrimination based on other factors such as race or political opinions.

The massage was excellent. On 27 Octoberthe Human Rights Committee decided to transmit the communication to the State party, under rule 91 of the provisional rules of procedure, requesting information and observations relevant to the question of admissibility. In principle, article 17 1 applies also when one of the spouses is an alien. They are therefore as such "entitled to protection by society and the State" as required by that article, which does not further describe that protection.

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The authors claim to be victims of the alleged violations. She offered HJ at Rs I told her I would like to do BJ for Rs As per her profile, the therapist has 8 years' experience. When the time was nearly over, she again asked whether I would avail of any service. The State party mentions, as an example of a woman who has married a foreign husband and who is still playing a prominent role in the conduct of public affairs in Mauritius, the case of Mrs. The Committee must then find that there is a violation of articles 2 1 and 3 of the Covenant, in conjunction with article 17 1.

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They allege: a That female citizens do not have an unrestricted right to married life in their country if they marry a foreigner, whereas male citizens have an unrestricted right to do so; b That the law, being retroactive, had the effect of withdrawing from the female citizens the opportunity to take part Maueitius public life and restricted, in particular, the lookiing of one of the authors in this Maurutius c That the "choice" to the foreign spouse abroad is only imposed on Mauritian women and that only they are under an obligation to "choose" between exercising their political rights guaranteed under article 25 of the Covenant, or Mquritius live with their foreign husbands abroad.

This room has a shower. The authors allege that in many cases foreign husbands have applied in vain for both and they claim that such a decision amounts to an arbitrary and unlawful interference by the State party with the family life of its female citizens in breach of article 17 of the Covenant, as the decision is placed in the hands of the Minister of the Interior and not of a court of law, and as no appeal against this decision is possible.

Whenever restrictions are placed on a right guaranteed by the Covenant, this has to be done without discrimination on the ground of sex. Aumeeruddy-Cziffra, one vor the leading figures of the Mouvement Militant Mauricien opposition party. Rather, the question is whether the opportunity also referred to there, i.

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They argue that, according to article 13 of the Covenant, the alien who is lawfully in the country has the right not to be arbitrarily expelled and that, therefore, a new law should not deprive him of Ris right of hearing. The State party claims that nothing in the law prevents the woman, as such, from exercising the rights guaranteed by article 25, although she may not be in a position to exercise Mauritiuz said rights as a consequence of her marriage and of her decision to live with her husband abroad.

Forr her husband's application were to receive a negative decision, she would be obliged to choose between Gitls living Girrls her husband abroad and giving up her political career, or living separated from her husband in Mauritius and there continuing to participate in the conduct of public affairs of that country. She states inter alia that on 21 Aprilin accordance with the new laws, her foreign husband applied for a residence permit and later for naturalization. Good massage. Mauritius, Communication No.