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For the first time, there was a clear focus on the needs of individuals and on the empowerment of women, and Loojing emergence of an evolving discourse about the connection between human rights and health, linking new conceptions of health to the struggle for social justice and respect for human dignity.

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The Convention imposes a duty under international law to respect, protect and fulfil the human rights articulated thereunder. The area of health is particularly interesting in terms of equality theory because of what has already been noted: "real" differences between women and men - some biological or physiologicaland some social. The Right to Life Indeed, discrimination against women is a ificant factor in the high s of deaths and complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Looking for women sex Liberty

Human rights are aspirations to full participation, equal membership and active involvement in society. A fact-finding mission investigating allegations of the practice, found that all women applying for work in this sector were routinely required to undergo pregnancy testing for screening, and that employed women were forced to re when they became pregnant. The issues presented in these materials include equality in the allocation of wonen, the right to life, reproductive choice in relation LLooking abortion and family planning, the right to informed consent, and equality before the law.

Cultural and religious attitudes may value women according to their ability to produce children.

Looking for women sex Liberty

In health care contexts, the rights to informed consent and confidentiality are instrumental to ensuring free decision making by the client. Women still have not reached parity with men in earnings. In addition, despite the fact that maternity care was officially provided free-of-charge by a state-funded health system, there had developed an informal fee-for-service practice which made hospital delivery unaffordable to many women and resulted in a rise in the of home births.

Women have the right to be fully informed of their options in health care, including likely benefits and potential adverse effects of proposed methods of treatment and available alternatives, including the option of refusing treatment.

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The right to autonomy in making health decisions in general, and sexual and reproductive decisions in particular, derives from the fundamental human right to liberty. At the same time, they are often singled out for discriminatory treatment by public health programs that fail to address the broader concerns and underlying determinants of the issue under concern.

Autonomy Autonomy means the right of a woman to make decisions concerning her fertility and sexuality free of coercion and violence. Questions of distributive justice arise in relation to the tragic economic choices that go to the fair allocation of scarce resources and the setting of priorities, and here we often find discrimination against women in the low priority given to their special sexual and reproductive health needs.

In other instances, there is a gap between the de iure legal protection of reproductive choice and the de facto actual situation, and governments might be held able for unauthorised violations of legal rights by health care personnel.

Looking for women sex Liberty

They are frequently pushed out of the workplace when they become pregnant or return to work after having a baby, resulting in economic insecurity and contributing to lifelong wealth and income disparities. The ACLU has long fought back against these discriminatory practices in the courts and legislatures.

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In Indonesia, however, Liherty does not constitute grounds for legal abortion, which means that the state is effectively compounding the sexual violence targeted at the woman by Lookinv her to carry the resultant pregnancy. Arguably, where the state does not allow for safe legal abortion, its core obligation is to at least provide itself those family planning services that guarantee women their right to exercise reproductive choice.

However, the costs of contraception are only partly covered by the general health insurance scheme reflecting, perhaps, discrimination in the allocation of resources, considering that these are services only women need. Reproductive health is defined in paragraph 7. Women in situations of armed conflict are LLooking vulnerable to sexual violence and torture, with the health consequences of mental harm, susceptibility to sexually transmitted disease and related reproductive health problems, including unwanted pregnancy.

Contemporary feminist legal theory propounds that the principle of gender equality takes into such difference, rather than requiring women to meet standards set by a male model. While the case of Azerbaijan illustrates violation of the right to affordable services, in the Dominican Republic there appeared to be a violation of the right to quality of care. Non-Discrimination in Allocation of Resources The issue of distributive justice in the allocation of resources for health is of major concern throughout the world, given the rising costs of medical technology and budget cuts often associated with programs of structural adjustment.

According to nongovernmental sources, however, women have woken been allowed choice as to contraceptive method, nor have they been given information as to side effects of methods provided by the government. The Committee may also make general recommendations based on the examination of reports and information received from the States Parties.

The sexual trafficking of women: representations of illegality and victimisation

It noted inadequate sex education and information as one of the causes, despite an official policy to provide information and high quality services for pregnant adolescent girls. Bulgaria, for example, failed to include in its report any information on gender-based violence, but a non-governmental source received first hand evidence from health care professionals who considered it to be a serious problem, describing some cases as brutal.

However, in many instances the legal option of abortion is not supported by adequate family planning measures. The views presented in this paper are those of the author's and do Libertyy necessarily reflect the views and position of the United Nations.

Reproductive rights

These rights impose certain correlative duties upon health care providers and deliverers of services. The second comment is that the definition of discrimination under the Convention applies to all women, irrespective of their marital status. Interestingly enough, the representative of the Government of Mexico stated in her oral presentation to the CEDAW Committee, that most of the complaints submitted to a newly established Medical Arbitration Board during the first year of its operation concerned gynecological care.

And article 14 b specifies, in particular, the right of women in rural areas to have access to adequate health care facilities, including information, counselling and services in family planning.

Looking for women sex Liberty

Women still lack full access to traditionally male fields, including the military; they are often steered into lower-paying and less desirable jobs; and the industries that are dominated by women remain the least valued. According to one study, IUDs were inserted at gunpoint for those who refused.

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At the same time Azerbaijan reported that maternal mortality rates had increased five-fold between and Both of these are consensus documents, expressing political will. Biological Difference While such social phenomen are clearly mediated by gender discrimination, health-related discrimination might be attributed in part to biological differences between women and men. These entail unnecessary interventions, such as female genital mutilation, forced virginity examinations and hymen repair.

In the Czech Republic, for example, the government noted the high incidence of induced abortions as a major public health problem, mirroring the inadequate use of contraception. As opposed to this, international human rights documents - treaties or conventions - are sources of international law, and as such are considered to be legally binding.

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Thus, health practices and policies should be examined in light of the needs of the most disadvantaged groups in society. Thus, a study of women in five internally displaced person settlements in Azerbaijan, conducted by a United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees reproductive health field worker, found that women overwhelmingly consider family planning as a primary health concern, but that there had been bureaucratic hurdles to supplying condoms. In the Dominican Republic, abortion is illegal, but birth control education is provided only by non-governmental organisations.

The Beijing Declaration stated that "the explicit recognition and reaffirmation of the right of all women to control all aspects of their health, in particular their own fertility, is basic to their empowerment". One of the most eloquent explications of the meaning of "autonomy" is that of Isaiah Berlin in his essay, Two Concepts of Liberty.

Looking for women sex Liberty