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Print-friendly version I. Virginity exams were often done by police taking women to forensic medicine or state hospitals. This practice is contrary to universal laws of humanity and to medical ethics.

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In many instances, the line between immoral public behavior and suspected prostitution blurs so that the rationale for detention is not always clear. The doctor then performed the virginity exam.

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Then the Anti-Terror Police stood up and said, "Why don't you Ankraa virginity control? According to one psychiatrist who works primarily with victims of domestic violence and torture, "Virginity control does happen. Again they told me to. Center for Human Rights and the World Health Organization, there must be "a specific law which is accessible and which contains forseeable standards as opposed to administrative policy or individual discretion not wivws on legal rules.

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The link between the concept of honor sanctioned by the state and the discriminatory control of women's virginity establishes a context in which a woman's right to bodily integrity and privacy, and therefore not to be subjected to a forcible and invasive bodily exam, is subordinate to the family's interest in maintaining its honor. I don't have anything to loose. Doctors should refuse to perform virginity exams and should perform only those gynecological exams necessary to gather evidence of crime and where they have secured the consent of the woman to be examined and followed appropriate legal procedures.

Even if such exams were defensible on urgent public health grounds, the requirement that they be unintrusive and strictly proportional would mean that only women proven to be, and not just suspected of, working as prostitutes could be required to undergo testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

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For four or five minutes he got on top of me. And the measures adopted must be the least intrusive available and strictly proportional to the urgent purpose they are deed to serve. If an exam "establishes" that a woman is not a virgin, "this is used to taunt her, humiliate her. Turkish officials should publicly denounce the forced imposition of virginity exams under any circumstances as a grave and intolerable human rights abuse and as a violation Singls domestic and international law.

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Other officials may dismiss claims of abuse as unimportant, thus demonstrating the state's apparent acceptance of the legitimacy of virginity exams. Let's not give electricity.

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Limits on privacy, freedom of movement, or individual liberty -- all of which are implicated by the detention of women and their subjection to forced exams -- cannot be justified simply by the state's claim that such exams are required for public health. After the parliamentarian's call to the director of the hospital, wantd after six nights and seven days in the hospital, the women were released.

Women victims attest that being forced to undress and undergo exams Ankxra degrading and intimidating both as a physical violation and for the threatened consequences. A man charged with any of these crimes can escape criminal liability by marrying the women bringing charges.

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The ICCPR states that "[n]o one shall be deprived of his liberty except on such grounds and in accordance with such procedure as are established by law. In Istanbul, a doctor and professor of forensic medicine told HRW that families frequently bring women and girls to the state forensic medical department for virginity exams: It is a matter of tradition.

On May 6,an unmarried couple on vacation together in the town of Kusadasi, on the Aegean coast in western Turkey, checked into a hotel. Among the extreme measures may be surgery: "In the family situation, a woman will be isolated, humiliated.

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For a gynecological exam performed on an adult woman to be justifiable, however, it should be conducted only with rdal informed consent and pursuant to the basic requirements of due process. The majority of forced virginity exams in Turkey appear to involve private individuals, as distinct from state agents, in a variety of situations, including those pertaining to sex crimes. Even when government and medical officials acknowledge such abuse, they often blame families for the problem and attribute the abusive practice to traditional cultural rexl.

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They covered me with ice, all over, even my head. A detained person has the right to know why she is being detained as well as the terms of her detention. Where adult women are concerned, family monitoring of women's modesty is so prevalent in Turkish society that they rarely exercise their right to refuse virginity exams. Family initiation of virginity exams clearly contributes to the widespread nature of the problem.

Women who live alone have been denounced as prostitutes by neighbors and then harassed by the police. The exams themselves violate Songle right to privacy by subjecting women's bodies to unwarranted and invasive searches.

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They pushed wves from man to man. Women detained for alleged political activity, for allegedly violating Turkish standards of public conduct, or as suspected illegal prostitutes are forced by police to submit to virginity exams. It is a matter of power. Rather, we oppose any such determination that involves or in the denial of fundamental human rights.

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The infliction of virginity exams also violates guarantees of freedom from discrimination found in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women CEDAW 35 -- all of which Turkey has ratified and which thus have the force of domestic law.

Evidence indicates that police detain women for suspected illegal prostitution or immoral activity without justification and without first conducting any kind of investigation to support their accusations. It said I was raped and wanted virginity control. In another incident in Nevsehir Derinkuyu ingendarmes brought an eighteen-year-old woman for a virginity exam to the office of a doctor doing her obligatory medical service.

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We conclude that the state's use of force in conducting such exams is unjustified, that the emphasis on female virginity is itself inherently discriminatory and that, in any case, virginity is irrelevant as evidence. On the second day of her wivds, A. Second, it defines the harm done in terms of a woman's honor rather than her physical integrity.